Best RPG Mods For GTA 5

Best RPG mods for GTA 5

RPGs are roleplay game mods which allow you to play the game with different roles or characters and experience the gaming world through different aspects. The top 5 best RPG mods for GTA V are the ones listed here.


Without doubt, the best roleplay mod for GTA 5 is the GTA RPG, which brings in a non linear storyline to the game. This means that the players can use alternative ways to complete the missions. Each and every mission is not to be done in a specific sequence as we do them in the original GTA 5 game. Moreover, the players can now converse with the non-playable characters with the aid of GTA RPG mod. There are three different character classes which the players can choose and make their decision to choose among various weapons, skills and other things. 


LSPDFR or the Los Santos Police Department: First Response mod helps the players play the game as a police official, as indicated by its name. The mod allows you to become cops permanently and we surely know what the duties a cop plays in the game. The players can wear police uniforms, drive the Los Santos Police cars, and most importantly, can catch the culprits. However, making criminals pay is not as easy as we think it is, so it is important that you learn all the rules and skills an experienced policeman should know.


JobsV is a mod which gives the players a more real-like experience of GTA 5. The reason behind this is that this mod allows you to get multiple jobs at a time. It is totally up to you which works you choose to do, and doing these jobs will get you daily income. By working well, you can earn promotions, and the players can also take the taxi driver course. Moreover, getting a college degree is also possible through this mod, and this makes the game more immersive by imparting actuality into the fictional world. A college entry job is also possible, plus, players can create their own jobs by using the mod’s API feature.

LS Life mod

LS Life mod helps in dealing in GTA 5. One can deal in drugs, weapons and other items. For the storage of these items, stash vehicles and stash houses are useful. However, if the police start to doubt you, the cops may come to search you and your possessions. Once the storage house or vehicle are busted, all the players’ belongings will get snatched and remain in the custody of the police. The pedestrians will approach you to buy drugs in small amounts, however, if anyone possesses the drugs more than 2 oz in quantity, larger amounts of sales are expected and your reputation goes up. Beware of the citizens robbing your goods and make sure you teach all the thieves a good lesson.

Farming Life Project mod

As evident from the name, the Farming Life Project mod for GTA 5 is specialized in giving the players a deeper and more original look on a farmer’s life. The mod, in simpler words, helps you play as a farmer, and do all the activities that can be done in this profession. The mod only makes an addition to the game, and does not alter the original game features unlike the previously mentioned files. To start with, one must buy a field, which comes with a tractor and other useful objects. Now, the player is able to seed, grow and harvest different crops and then sell them to earn money.

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