Best Open Wheel Car GTA Online

Best Open Wheel Car GTA Online

Top 4 best Open Wheel cars in GTA Online

Open wheel cars are the ones whose wheels are located away from the car body and hence are exposed more to the environment than the other cars. Such open wheel cars are also present in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and are mostly developed to be used in street races. These cars are mostly classified on the basis of their handling skills as this is what matters the most during races. If we are to rank them from top to bottom, naming the best ones available in the game, we’d rank them as follows: 

  1. Benefactor BR8
  2. Progen PR4
  3. Declasse DR1
  4. Ocelot R88

More about Benefactor BR8

Benefactor BR8 is a Formula 1 car featured in GTA Online and is considered the best open wheel vehicle one can find in Los Santos. Based on the real life Red Bull RB7 car, Benefactor BR8 shows the top speed of 122.75 mph or 197.55 km/h, which is very good indeed. It shows better acceleration and offers good grip, and hence can be handled well. If you are looking for a vehicle of this kind to buy in the game, we would recommend you to purchase this masterpiece first.

To purchase Benefactor BR8 in GTA 5, one must visit the Legendary Motorsport business and it will come with a price of $3,400,000. After purchasing, it can be delivered at your doorsteps as per your demand and can be stored in any of your owned garages as it is a civilian vehicle. The overall performance of BR8 is no doubt worth ranking it at the first place on the list of best open wheel vehicles.

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