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Best map mods for GTA 5
Best Map Mods For GTA 5

Best map mods for GTA 5

There are numerous mods for GTA 5’s map and the best ones have been described in the following article.

Vice Cry Remastered

Vice City fans have long waited for its remastered version and couldn’t get it. The fans should not worry anymore as this mod for GTA 5 brings all the cool features GTA Vice City to the GTA 5 game. This includes a Miami based map with a lot of locations resembling that of Vice City added in GTA 5’s map.  This mod does not make much alteration in the existing map, but brings a lot of new and popular locations to Los Santos, which are inspired from the Vice City.


Cyberpunk is surely one of a kind and is popular among gamers due to its extraordinarily good story and gameplay style. This open world game is, however, different from GTA 5 in some aspects and hence the fans wonder if there is any game in the world which could give us the wonderful experience of playing both the Cyberpunk and GTA 5 games at the same time. If you are one of those people too, you are at the right place as the GrandCyberPunk mod allows you to play the Cyberpunk characteristics in originally a GTA 5 game. Los Santos becomes much better and more exciting to deal with. So, this mod is a must-try for all GTA fans.

Open All Interiors

Grand Theft Auto V has a vast land area and consists of all the offices, apartments and other places that a real world possesses. But everyone who has played the game knows that not all properties in the game can be accessed. The NPC apartments can not be entered but with the use of the Open All Interiors mod, all the houses and buildings in the game can be visited. This adds a large number of activities to the game and helps in exploring other aspects of GTA 5.

GTA V: San Andreas

Just like GTA Vice City and Cyberpunk mods, a mod for GTA San Andreas has been introduced to GTA 5. After activating this mode, the players will be able to observe the characteristics of both the games in the state of San Andreas. One can find aliens and other such mysterious as well as exciting objects found in GTA San Andreas in this game now.

World Improvement Map Editor

This mod makes the map of GTA V even better. We all know how much effort has been put into making the map area of Grand Theft Auto V look more realistic, since it is something which can bring about an immersive effect to the game. However, this beautiful scenery can be made even better by using the World Improvement mod. The trees are made denser and more green, objects start to have sharp boundaries, the buildings and houses look more realistic and many other such features are added to the game as a result of this mod.

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