Best GTA Game For Android

Best GTA Game for Android


GTA 5 is an action-adventure game just like the other GTA members, developed by Rockstar, and is the most recent entry in the GTA world. The main characters Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton are the three playable characters in the game. GTA 5 is the only GTA game so far which consists of more than one main playable character. Having criminal pasts of being bank robbers or gangsters, these three friends are once again ready to commit heists in the city of Los Santos to get more money and gold. The most important thing about GTA V is that it possesses an online multiplayer version, GTA Online, unlike many other games today. 

GTA V Features:

The features of Grand Theft Auto V are:

  • It is an open world game and gives you endless freedom to do all your desired actions which may include stealing or killing, hunting, playing tennis or some other games, going to the movies or one can simply just stare at the beach view.
  • The players are given liberty to choose any of the three playable main characters in the game. This helps in understanding the game from different perspectives and get to know the story in a better way.
  • GTA 5 has a very large landmass and also consists of water bodies. The player is able to go anywhere he wants since there is no restriction, and also explore the sea, different businesses, monuments, mountains and beaches. However, it will take some time to unlock the whole of the game's map.
  • You can beat other characters by a fist, baseball bat, a knife or other weapons like miniguns and heavy pistols, stun guns, assault shotguns, heavy and pump shotguns and many more. To conclude, the game introduces extraordinary weapons.
  • Extraordinary graphics and classic camera style are introduced in GTA V which provides gamers a real life experience and helps increase the immersion of this already realistic game. 

GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, yet another GTA masterpiece, is one of the most played games by people worldwide. Its action-adventure genre, detailed story and a wide range of additional characters with even minute details and real-life inspired locations used are the reasons behind its fandom and millions of downloads. This game is made combining many real life issues with a touch of great fiction, and is surely worth-playing.

GTA San Andreas Features:

  • A very wide range of armor like machine guns, sniper rifles, knives, AK47 and others are available for use. You can find them in different locations and they can also be bought from ammunition stores located in many areas around the map.
  • From infinite armour, health or lung capacity to change the speed of gameplay, everything can be done with the help of different cheat codes. Type a cheat word or words while playing the game and enjoy its magical effect.
  • All the game movements can be controlled using dual analog stick controls. Wireless game controllers like USB and bluetooth gamepads can be used to play.
  • The 3D graphics displayed and the real life effects used in it make the game more immersive and the gamers easily get involved in the game playing it for hours. The sound  and lighting effects and improved models of characters in this never fail to attract the attention of gamers worldwide.
  • Lung capacity level is also shown on the screen which shows how much oxygen you have left while swimming and other such activities, and tells you the time when you are to drown and you have to pull yourself up.
  • The story is very unique, depicting the real life issues, and it revolves around the main character Carl Johnson, who is a criminal. The players are in control of him and have to perform various activities given to him by his friends and colleagues.  

GTA Vice City

GTA: Vice City, like its predecessors, has gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2002 because of the introduction of many new and distinct features in it. The game is popular among people worldwide because of its action and adventure nature and unique open world gameplay which means that a character can perform many actions and operations in a huge map area. There are different missions to be performed by the player and as one mission completes, new hurdles arise for him.

GTA Vice City Features:

  • GTA Vice City introduces this feature in which we are able to lock up our targets and can do precise shootings. You don’t have to fire on masses to kill one single target. Instead, aiming correctly is what’s required to get your task done without wasting bullets.
  • The game is available in my different languages which include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish and Korean, which means that borders can't stop players from playing GTA Vice City in any part of the world.
  • Tommy Vercetti has now given a very strong and composed personality as he can voice his opinions and now has a stronger narrative role. He can show emotions and is also able to control his anger. The members no longer look passive in their actions. Characters are provided with such details that they no longer seem fictional.
  • The game has introduced improved graphics and cinematic camera style which provides gamers with a real life experience. The visual and sound effects presented by Rockstar gets one immersed enough to forget real life and the focus on the game is increased, making the gamers play this sport for hours.
  • Controlling the game as per your interest is not a problem now. Altering control options can also be done. Just go to the settings menu and open the control settings to change them if you want. This gives users ease to play and gives them the opportunity to play the game in a style that they like.

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