Annis Remus

Annis Remus

Annis Remus GTA Online

Annis Remus is a sports car which makes its appearance in the Grand Theft Auto Online game and allows two people to ride in it at a time. The car’s famous for its good speed and fair acceleration, but at the same time can lose its traction while making sharp and sudden turns. However, the players are fond of its suspension and shock absorbing mechanism and also of the good handling. The car comes with very good characteristics, hence making this purchase a fair deal. 

Is the Annis Remus fast?

The car has got very good speed which is its plus point. The top speed of Annis Remus after being fully customized is recorded by various gamers and it turns out to be 115.50 mph or 185.88 km/h, which is much more than many of the cars present in GTA Online. This is the reason Annis Remus can be used in street races by the players and is useful at the places where high speed is required. The speed and handling of this vehicle are a perfect combo to watch!

Annis Remus GTA Online customization

Annis Remus too can be customized in the game, and for this, you’ll have to visit either Los Santos Customs or LS Car Meet Mod Shop. The modification options available in GTA Online for this Los Santos Tuners’ car are bumpers, brakes, armor, bodywork, exhausts, engine, fenders, explosives, grilles, headlight covers, hoods, horns, doors, seats, steering wheels, roll cages, livery, lights, roofs, plates, skirts, respray, spoilers, sunstrips, trunks, suspension, transmission, wheels, turbo, and windows.

Where can I buy Annis Remus?

One can purchase the Annis Remus from Southern S.A. Super Autos and it comes with a price of $1,370,000 GTA currency. After buying it, one can have it delivered to their desired place as per his demands, and since Remus is a civilian vehicle, be free to use it as your personal car. Like other vehicles, reselling Annis Remus is also possible and its resale price is $822,000, which is exactly sixty percent of the amount with which you bought it in the first place.

What car is the Remus based on?

Annis Remus shows striking resemblance with the real life Nissan Silvia S13 car. Both these vehicles show a lot of similarities in their overall design and performance. However, the speeds of both the fictional and real life counterparts differ from each other, but this changing is due to the fact that both Remus and Silvia reside in completely different worlds.

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