Albany Buccaneer

Albany Buccaneer

Albany Buccaneer is not new to GTA players. This is a muscle car which has made its appearance in GTA San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5 and also its online version. Buccaneer is a civilian car, which can be driven by two citizens at a time. This article covers the most searched facts and other detailed information about the Albany Buccaneer car.

Is Albany Buccaneer worth it?

Albany Buccaneer has got a lot of good features which makes it totally worth the expenditure; not even a single penny goes waste if you purchase this vehicle. The plus points of this car, talking with reference to GTA 5, are excellent top speed paired with fairly good acceleration as compared to other muscle cars in the game. Moreover, the car holds a good grip over the ground, so you can perform as many stunts with it as you want. However, the brakes might malfunction at times, making this vehicle vulnerable to different kinds of accidents.

How fast is the Buccaneer custom?

Albany Buccaneer Custom is the fully customized form of the original car and its top speed is recorded to be 113.00 mph or 181.86 km/h, making it one of the fastest muscle cars in Grand Theft Auto V and Online. This top speed allows Buccaneer to be used in street races and hence is sometimes found being driven in those locations. Complete customization of the car costs nearly 30,000 GTA dollars, but the end product is surely worth it.  

Where can I find an Albany Buccaneer in GTA 5?

Albany Buccaneer is found at various places in the game and hence can be stolen by the players for their personal use. If you are looking for a Buccaneer in the map, go find it at Groove Street, Davis, Chamberlain Hills and Rancho if you are playing GTA 5. In GTA Online, the car can be found at LTD Gasoline and Her Kutz Barber in the Davis city, Senora freeway and Los Santos freeway. Albany Buccaneer can also be bought from Benny’s Original Motorworks by paying a price of $29,000 if you are playing the online version of GTA 5.

What is the Buccaneer based on in GTA V?

Buccaneer finds its most resemblances with the real life model, the Buick Riviera car. The similarities between the two are mostly their shape and body features. The top speeds of both Buccaneer and Buick Riviera are also similar, as Buick Riviera runs as fast as 115 mph, whereas the top speed of Buccaneer is 113 mph.

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