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Finding it difficult to pass all the missions in the GTA Series? Or you may want to know about GTA tricks and tips, cars, side missions, ammunition, cheat codes, characters, hidden packages, Maps, Updates and much more. GTA Genie has got you covered and eases all the difficulties which you may face while playing the GTA games. Visit to get the information about any game i.e. GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA 4 and GTA 5. 

The information we provide at our site is actually generated after the experiences and the problems which our players face while playing these games. We are not only focused on the problems in the game which are pinpointed many times on the internet but we also look for the things which a normal player may not see in the game. We love talking about the characters in the game.

Welcome to GTA GENIE

Stuck in a game or app and can’t use the premium features? Don’t worry because now you can easily download the modded versions of apps and games from the internet. Downloading a virus free APK file is a real hurdle. There are many sites which do offer modded APKs of different games and apps but they also offer viruses with them for free. Moreover, the downloading speed is also slow on most of the sites.

Didn’t find a website which offers virus free APK files with fast downloading? Now, that is the reason GTA GENIE is built. It provides the users with almost every information about the android app or game they are going to download. Not only that, GTA GENIE makes sure that the users can fastly download the Modded APKs without worrying about the virus. For Now, we are only working on the GTA games. Soon, we will be expanding and will bring you a lot of new things.

Now, if you are not aware of what MOD APKs are, then you are really missing out on fun. The purpose of the modded games and apps is to provide the users with extra features. Extra features means more fun and more benefits. Sometimes you have to buy the premium features or subscriptions of the apps and games which cost you a lot. MOD APKs already have these features and you don’t need to buy anything. Users just have to download the file and install it on their mobile phone and that’s it.

GTA GENIE will make sure that you don’t have to waste time in establishing the stats of any game as it will provide you with the best game mods you will ever experience. Moreover, GTA GENIE also works on demands. So, if you want a customized mod, let us know through our mail and we will start working on it.

What is GTA?

GTA Stands for Grand Theft Auto. It is a series of open world games where players are allowed to roam free around the city and do things. With a lot of main missions and side missions, these games come with a lot of action and adventure. News games of the GTA series came with the storylines, which is more fun.

Another good thing about GTA Games is that they are based on real cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Your Character in the game is normally playing the role of a criminal who is in need of the money and plans to carry out missions to get the money. Players have a lot of freedom in the game as they can kill citizens, create chaos and steal a car.

The last game released by Rockstar is GTA 5/V. It came out in 2013 and totally freaked out the gamers with its awesome gameplay and graphics. It has one of the best storylines with 3 characters. Players can choose any of them at any time. The feature of switching of the characters was totally new. So that is why it got a lot of hype. 3 of those characters have their own houses and cars in the game. Rockstar is still releasing the updates for GTA Online.

GTA Online is a multiplayer version of GTA 5, where players can play online with their friends and do things together. However, Rockstar is now working on GTA 6/VI and it may come out very soon. But the official release date is not announced yet. So, GTA Fans will have to wait a little more. Till then, GTA 5 all the way!

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